The VRD studies for the rest areas and toll stations of the A1 and A2 motors will be carried out by SC Afrique.


While construction of the A1 and A2 motorways is progressing, CWE (China International Water & Electric Corporation), the company awarded the turnkey contract, is entrusting SC AFRIQUE with roadworks and related infrastructure studies of the future rest areas and toll stations.

The final design and execution studies for these motorways will see the following constructed:

  • 2 rest areas
  • 2 toll stations in the current section
  • 6 toll stations on ramps and interchanges.

The project requires perfect coordination with the architect, the designers of the electromechanical systems and CWE (China International Water & Electric Corporation). As well, the study will have to take into account the architectural arrangements of the utility buildings including the maintenance and operation centres, the facilities necessary for the comfort and safety of motorists (parking areas for cars and trucks, restaurants, sanitary facilities, service stations, police stations), as well as the toll booths and green spaces.

It is within this framework that SC Afrique will undertake:

  • geometric, geotechnical, hydraulic and road design studies
  • roadworks plans (grading, surfacing, signs and markings), surface and underground drainage and networks
  • coordination of various participants
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