SC Afrique was chosen by SYSTRA, an international engineering and consulting group in urban and rail transport, to carry out the topographic part of its assistance to the contracting authority mission on the T.E.R (Regional Express Train) project in Dakar.


The project will connect downtown Dakar to its suburbs by a rail line, embark on relieving congestion in the city of Dakar and improve mobility conditions in the Dakar metropolitan area by reducing the vehicle operating cost and increasing train speeds.


The project takes into account the service needs introduced by the new airport and contributes to its attractiveness. Its total length is 57 km between Dakar and the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD).


The project will involve modifying the existing railway facilities eventually to accommodate four tracks:


  • One double electrified track with standard gauge (UIC) dedicated to passenger traffic, with a reference speed of 160 km/h
  • One metre-gauge railway for freight
  • A strip of land reserve developed as a maintenance track that could allow the construction of a 4th track at a later date.


The project also includes:


  • Renovation of existing multi-modal stations (Dakar Plateau Station and Rufisque Station) and the construction of a new multi-modal station in Diamniadio;
  • Construction of stations at Thiaroye and Bargny;
  • Creation of eight stops: Colobane, Hann, Baux Maraîchers, Pikine, Yeumbeul, Keur-Massar, M’Bao and PN
  • Development of two maintenance sites, one in Colobane for the maintenance of the trains and one in Rufisque for the maintenance of the infrastructure;
  • Acquisition of dual-mode rolling stock (electric and diesel).
  • Technical features of the project:
  • A high-speed railway (160 km/h) of international standards
  • Creation of two standard-gauge tracks for passengers + one metre-gauge railway for freight
  • An electrified line (25 kV)
  • A maintenance depot
  • Dual-mode rolling stock (4 wagons)
  • Maintenance of the existing freight capacity on separate tracks, with the possibility of switching to standard gauge.
  • 19 km of new lines between Diamniadio and AIBD
  • The new tracks will allow sufficient axle load to accommodate freight trains in the future.
  • Replacement of level crossings by:
    • 67 engineering structures (underground passages, rail bridges, hydraulic structures)
    • Access (secondary) roads
    • 30 pedestrian bridges
  • Fully secured/fenced facilities
  • Maintenance of a minimum service during the work in order not to weaken the region’s economy


It is within this framework that SC Afrique must carry out an AMO topographic mission and participate actively in the technical supervision of the work. One of the challenges of the project will be the solution of topographic interface conflicts between the different work packages (station platforms, engineering structures with jigs, electrification, etc.)


Our survey teams will be mobilised to organise and verify the proper conduct of the work approval operations.


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