SC Afrique has been entrusted by Omexom, a subsidiary of Vinci Energie, with the installation of transmission towers for the high-voltage line between Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Conakry within the framework of the OMVG (Organisation de Mise en Valeur du fleuve Gambie) energy project, co-financed by the AFD (French Development Agency), the World Bank, the EIB (European Investment Bank), the IsDB (Islamic Development Bank), the KfW (Credit Institute for Reconstruction) and the states concerned.

The work will consist initially of locating the 89 corners of lots 7 and 5 of the line over a distance of nearly 500 km between The Gambia and Boké in Guinea Conakry. Then, after the bush clearing stage and the construction of the access track, our teams will install the transmission towers themselves.

LSC financed the acquisition of a high-performance GNSS receiver for the execution of this mission: the Trimble R10 with its RTX system allowing positioning to within 10 cm thanks to the reception of corrections coming from the satellites.

This equipment has allowed our teams to acquire a second instrument that serves as a reference, significantly increasing productivity.

These countries in the sub-region of Africa being particularly undeveloped, our teams struggled with badly maintained tracks and a lack of access, river crossings by ferry, lush vegetation and the power cuts in order to carry out their mission. One of the major problems encountered was actually the limited access to the site. Very often the teams reached the site by motorcycle taxi and had to ask for advice from the villagers. Luckily, they were well received by the local population. After a month in the bush, the teams returned to Dakar exhausted but with a sense of accomplishment.


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