Analysis of engineering structures

Discover our stability studies for engineering structures. With the support of structural engineers based in Luxembourg, we compile construction documents for bridges, hydraulic structures, footbridges and viaducts.


Equipped with about 20 GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receivers, high-precision total stations, electronic levels, as well as two drones and a bathymetric system, our teams carry out field surveys, bathymetric surveys, interior and façade surveys, layouts and site monitoring, data processing and CAD.




Other areas of expertise

We offer you other customised services related to our areas of expertise: environmental studies, urban planning, technical audits, geographic information system (GIS), village hydraulics.

Roadworks and related infrastructure

Our department specialised in roadworks and related infrastructure studies compiles all the analyses necessary for the construction of housing estates, hotels, logistic platforms, service areas and toll stations.

Mission for control and supervision of work

On behalf of the project owners, we ensure the control and supervision of work, in particular for major infrastructure projects.

Analysis of linear infrastructures

Our engineers carry out feasibility studies, preliminary summary design, preliminary final design and the execution of road, highway or sanitation projects.